2021 Taylor 814ce Grand Auditorium V-Class Bracing with Armrest w/ OHSC


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2021 Taylor 814ce Grand Auditorium V-Class Bracing with Armrest w/ OHSC

The 814ce acoustic-electric plays very comfortably, thanks to its Grand Auditorium body, graceful Venetian cutaway, and ergonomically radiused rosewood armrest. Featuring beautiful premium solid tonewoods — a Sitka spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides, a tropical mahogany neck, and a West African ebony fingerboard — the 814ce is the perfect studio and stage workhorse: brilliant in solo and sparse musical settings, and holding its own when tracked in thick arrangements. You’ll love the clear, balanced tone — a sound forged by Taylor’s revolutionary V-Class bracing and amplified flawlessly by the onboard Expression System 2 electronics. As your eyes drink in this instrument’s understated elegance, your hands savor its flawless playability, and your ears revel in its rich, organic tone, you’ll treasure your Taylor 814ce. It’s a feast for the senses.

V-Class bracing: a sonic revelation Bracing is the internal framework of an acoustic guitar that helps shape its sound. Although X-bracing has been standard in acoustic guitars for over a century, it creates an innate conflict between two key elements of a guitar’s sound: volume and sustain. The guitar’s top (its soundboard) contributes to both. The flexibility of the top generates volume (projection), while its stiffness generates sustain. And with X-braced guitar tops, here’s where the trade-off comes in: when something is made stiffer, its flexibility is reduced (and vice versa). V-Class bracing changes all that.

With Taylor’s V-Class bracing, an acoustic guitar top can be both stiff and flexible — for more volume and sustain. V-Class bracing provides stiffness parallel to the strings for more rigidity and hence sustain. Flexibility on either side generates the air movement necessary for robust projection. It’s the best of both worlds. This groundbreaking innovation also improves intonation; not only producing notes that are louder and with longer sustain — but more in tune with each other. V-Class bracing boosts volume evenly across the tonal spectrum, increases sustain, and improves the natural intonation of the instrument by creating a more synergistic response from the soundboard. This fosters a more harmonious relationship between the notes you play, helping chords to ring out in cohesive splendor. Pick up a Taylor with V-Class bracing and experience what guitarists at Sweetwater have already discovered.

Grand Auditorium body style delivers exceptional presence
Taylor’s beloved Grand Auditorium body style, featured on the 814ce, employs the width and depth of a dreadnought, so it delivers prodigious volume that makes it a “tone cannon” in its own right. However, its waist is narrower, which gives Grand Auditorium bodied acoustic guitars more treble zing, along with improved playing comfort and a sleeker look. The 814ce’s Grand Auditorium body style also helps to sharpen the definition of each note you play, balancing out nicely with the excellent projection of its V-Class-braced Sitka spruce top.

Taylor 814ce Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:
• Beautiful, solid premium tonewoods
• Sitka spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides; gloss finish
• V-Class bracing with Relief Rout
• Venetian cutaway; maple binding; abalone rosette
• Tropical mahogany neck; satin finish
• West African ebony fingerboard, maple binding, MOP Element inlay
• Headstock: West African ebony overlay, maple binding, MOP Element inlay
• Ebony truss rod cover; black graphite nut
• West African ebony bridge, pins; Micarta saddle
• Taylor smoked nickel tuning machines
• Taylor ES-2 electronics
• Handcrafted by Taylor luthiers in California, USA
• Hardshell case included

The guitar has been played in with TONERITE – about 200 hours so the top has opened and it sounds much better than when it was new – plays well with an easier attack & more resonance!

The guitar is in real Mint condition and would be a joy to hold. The back and sides are almost like master-grade rosewood with straight and dense grains. The action is low and extremely nice for electric players such as myself (plenty of room for further reduction if so desired – currently at 7/64 & 3/64 inches).

I just couldn’t jive with the V Class – hence selling it.

Trades Welcome: Taylor Builder Edition Models or 914ce or Cedar topped guitar etc./
a Martin Custom Shop guitar

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Condition Mint (Used)

Mint items are in essentially new original condition but have been opened or played.
  • Taylor
  • 814ce with V-Class Bracing
  • Natural
  • Built-in Electronics
  • OM and Auditorium
  • 2019 – Present
Made In
  • United States
Right / Left Handed
  • Right Handed
Number of Strings
  • 6-String
Neck Material
  • Mahogany
Offset Body
  • No
Wood Top Style
  • Plain
Back Material
  • Rosewood
Sides Material
  • Rosewood
Finish Style
  • Gloss
Top Material
  • Spruce
Body Features
  • Cutaway
On-board Electronics
  • Piezo Pickup
Fretboard Material
  • Ebony
Body Shape
  • Auditorium
Number of Frets
  • 20
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Buy 2021 Taylor 814ce Grand Auditorium V-Class Bracing with Armrest w-OHSC Online

2021 Taylor 814ce Grand Auditorium V-Class Bracing with Armrest w/ OHSC


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