Rickenbacker 4002 1982 Mapleglow. Rare as hen’s teeth”. Excellent. Rare Collector Piece. Very few.


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Rickenbacker 4002 1982 Mapleglow For Sale

Rickenbacker 4002 1982 Mapleglow For Sale. The qualities of this instrument (the 4002) were highly specialized. Body made of byrdseye and curly maple with a Walnut or Mapleglo finish. Block binding with style. Personalized pickguard made of laminate. Head and neck of maple that have been completely laminated. Imported ebony fingerboard with pearl-like inlays. There are 21 frets on the 33 1/2-inch scale. Two pickups, each with a very high gain. There are several tone and volume options for each pickup. Separate Rick-O-Sound output jacks should be used for mono and stereo. Use a specialized low impedance output connector to establish a direct connection with a recording studio's control board.


Buy Rickenbacker 4002 1982 Mapleglow Online

Buy Rickenbacker 4002 1982 Mapleglow Online. It seems to have been little, if at all, used. Although most other vendors would categorize this condition as “MINT” or “UNUSED,” we will leave it up to you. Due to its rarity and quality, this bass guitar might very well end up being one of those instruments whose value quickly doubles or triples. Its value will ALWAYS INCREASE. And this bass guitar is for you whether you’re a musician as well as a collector or an investment.

Every serious bassist is familiar with the 4002. IT IS A Symbol. These are very uncommon, and one in this condition may be one of a kind.

This guitar has SOLID FLAMED MAPLE THROUGH NECK WITH AN EBONY FINGERBOARD, CURLY MAPLE TOPS (for wings), and a FINGERBOARD MADE OF EBONY. It is ENTIRELY OWNED BY YOU. The original knobs are included along with the original manual in the original Hardshell Rickenbacker case with raised lettering. However, the original knobs were altered by the first owner who just did not like the way the Ric knobs looked.

The second owner of this guitar is the recipient of a letter from Mr. F.C. HALL (also known as Mr. RICKENBACKER) dated March 18, 1983, in which he describes the Model 4002 and includes copies of two emails that also mention the guitar. THE LINEAGE OF THIS GUITAR IS TRUELY PROVEN BY THIS.

“This instrument’s (the 4002) characteristics were quite specialized. Byrdseye and curly maple body with a Mapleglo or Walnut finish. Block binding in luxury. customized laminated pickguard. Maple head and neck that have been entirely laminated. Ebony fingerboard with pearl-style inlays that was imported. the 33 1/2-inch scale has 21 frets. Two pickups with very high gain each. Each pickup has its own tone and volume settings. Mono and stereo Rick-O-Sound output jacks should be separate. For direct connection with the control board of a recording studio, use a special low impedance output connector.

Contrary to popular belief, this bass was never meant to be a limited edition, and the manufacturer never said as much. In actuality, there was no such thing as a limited edition back then. Like other other models and choices throughout the years, it entered the range before being withdrawn.

Subject: Bass guitar Rickenbacker Model 4002

Date: 1998/01/16

Just thought you may be interested to know. On tonight’s episode of “8-Track Flashback,” I saw a 4002. The presenter, David Cassidy, was presenting a program about the solo Beatles. Along with a Les Paul, a lovely 1960s Epi Sheraton, and an Epiphone Viola Bass, it was in the backdrop. It was Fireglo with black guards, and it looked very, really great.

Sure that 4002 was the model? We only made them in the finishes of maple and walnut. If the pickups were hidden, the ebony fingerboard would be the most obvious change (or were transplanted from another 4002). Since so few of these basses were made, they are as uncommon as hen’s teeth.

We doubt that another Rickenbacker Model 4002 Bass Guitar in this superb condition will ever be available (PROBABLY YOU CANNOT FIND ANY RICK BASS IN THIS CONDITION). IT PROVIDES AMAZING VALUE.

Please remember to read the following policies and procedures.

the promise (applicable to sales only-not trades).

1. The instrument is exactly as stated in this post and is in EXCELLENT aesthetic condition. NOTICE: The right headstock’s top has a minor ding.

2. The instrument is in excellent working order.

3. The buyer has 48 hours to check the instrument out or arrange for an inspection. Any flaws, harm, false statements, or other issues must be brought to the Seller’s attention in writing within that time frame.

4. In the event that anything is damaged in transit, the buyer is required to notify the seller right away and to save the original box and packaging materials for examination by the shipping company.

5. If any issues are found, the seller will either make arrangements for maintenance, repair, etc. at a place close to the buyer or ask them to return the instrument to the seller (Seller will reimburse Buyer for cost of shipment of guitar back to Seller).

6. Within seven days of receiving the instrument, the seller will fix any issues that were pointed out and mail the guitar back to the buyer.

7. The seller will grant the buyer credit against current or future purchases from the seller’s inventory if the guitar cannot be fixed or replaced with a comparable item in the seller’s inventory.

8. No returns or refunds for buyer regret or buyer change of mind.

9. We will, upon return of the guitar, issue a Credit Memo to Buyer in the amount paid for the guitar plus the cost of shipment paid by the Buyer against the future purchase of a guitar from us if there are any undisclosed physical characteristics of this guitar that will prevent the buyer from successfully playing it, such as a neck that is too wide to be played with arthritic hands or a guitar that is too heavy to be played due to back, shoulder, or other problems.

Before purchasing this item, international customers need get a shipping price. I’m grateful.

Please check out my other ads for more guitars from my own collection of more than 1,500 antique and custom instruments. As I only purchased the finest, so do my sales.

Since joining the Ebay community in 1999, I have received over 4300 favorable reviews, earning a 100% rating.

Product Specification

Condition Excellent (Used)

Excellent items are almost entirely free from blemishes and other visual defects and have been played or used with the utmost care.
  • Rickenbacker
  • 4002
  • Mapleglow
  • Active Electronics
  • 4-String
  • 1982
Made In
  • United States
Body Material
  • Maple
Right / Left Handed
  • Right Handed
Neck Material
  • Maple
Finish Style
  • Gloss
Number of Strings
  • 4-String
Pickup System
  • Active
Fretboard Material
  • Ebony
Body Shape
  • Double Cutaway
Finish Features
  • Matching Headstock
Number of Frets
  • 21
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buy Rickenbacker 4002 1982 Mapleglow. Rare as hen's teeth. Excellent. Rare Collector Piece. Very few online.

Rickenbacker 4002 1982 Mapleglow. Rare as hen's teeth". Excellent. Rare Collector Piece. Very few.


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