Super Rare! Vintage Alembic Series I Msb Maple Top 1979 (S/N:79 1345) (08/07)


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Super Rare! Vintage Alembic Series I Msb Maple Top 1979 (S/N:79 1345) (08/07)

The ALEMBIC that giants in the bass world, such as Stanley Clarke and John Paul Jones, have loved… is a miracle in stock.
More than 40 years later, it still shows that it has been very well taken care of without any major damage.

Alembic’s instruments have already been designed with a full range of sound,
Compared to existing electric guitars, the sound of a surprisingly wide range was considered amazing at the time. It’s a thing.
In addition, a variety of filter controls to bring the range closer to existing electric guitars and basses
It can be said that the richness of the sound variety of Alembic instruments and their true value

Too much It is cruel to compare (use in the same way) with Fender Gibson due to its characteristics, but why not experience this different dimension once and master Alembic with your own ideas and senses?
Kit should open a new way!

Complete with spec sheet, power supply and Canon cable.
The body material is the finest maple on the top and back, center mahogany, and the neck is maple and purple heart 5PC neck.
With controls and pickups unique to Alembic, there is a sound that can only be produced with this.
It’s hard to find a vintage alembic in such good condition.
If you are looking for it, please take this opportunity.

Although there are scratches, dents, weather checks, etc., there are no problems considering the age, and it is a book full of atmosphere.
You can play with confidence because it has been set up properly after arrival.
A supply for driving this machine and a line cable with a Canon terminal that also serves as a power supply are included.

Product rank: B: There are some scratches and signs of use, but there are no problems with normal use
Year of manufacture: 1979

Serial number: 79 1345
Case : Hard case/Genuine Weight: – kg
Remaining frets: 60% to 70%
Truss rod: There is room in the tightening/loosening direction
Neck condition: No problems
Instruction manual : None Other accessories: None Remarks: Other accessories are only those shown in the image.

¥Please be sure to read
This product is There is only one point of actual second-hand goods.
Because it is a second-hand product, there may be scratches and dents due to use that are difficult to photograph. Thank you for your understanding.
Because it is posted in stores and multiple malls, there is a time lag in the sales and inventory status, and it is not real time.
For that reason, there is a possibility that it has already been sold at the time of your order.

*** The shipping cost to most countries is included in the listed price ***

All guitars we sell have been checked and adjusted for playability. The pictures in the listings are of the actual item so please have a look for an idea of the cosmetic condition. As they are used instruments they may or may not have some scratches or wear to the finish. Please note: Ishibashi will not accept returns or refunds in the case of dents, scratches, or cosmetic wear that were orignally detailed either in the pictures or description. Thank you for your understanding.

Condition: Some scratches, dents and marks. If you would like to know more about this specific instrument, or have general questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Good condition items function properly but may exhibit some wear and tear.
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  • SERIES I MSB MAPLE TOP 1979 (S/N:79 1345)
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Super Rare! Vintage Alembic Series I Msb Maple Top 1979

Super Rare! Vintage Alembic Series I Msb Maple Top 1979 (S/N:79 1345) (08/07)


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